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An Inappropriate Catholic School Party
January 31, 2010, 1:15 pm
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Our school’s Christmas party turned out to be a fascinating glimpse into Thai culture.  I didn’t have high expectations to be honest…the idea of eating dinner on our assembly grounds with all the administration and faculty sounded a little dry.  How wrong I was.  First I found myself recruited into a dance routine featuring some of the foreign teachers in the school.  This included wearing a massive flower necklace and wearing Hawaiian themed clothing, all of which enhanced (I hope) our poorly choreographed dance number in front of everyone.  I barely knew anyone at the school at this point and embarrassing myself seemed like a great way to break the ice.  Following our act were a number of dances involving cross-dressing, pelvic-thrusting teachers.  The theme of sexuality and general silliness was constant through the night.  Eventually it was karaoke…one Thai-pop song after another and dancing was unavoidable.  By the end of the night I had danced with my boss, her assistant, and a number of other people I didn’t even know.

After the dancing came the raffle.  Thai parties always seem to involve giving away prizes, and big ones at that.  They were giving away TV’s, rocking chairs, microwaves, pillows, even cans of corn.  I ended up winning a pillow and a crock pot, a pretty good haul I think.  The party was a blast, not dry or boring or like anything I could have predicted.  Bizarre might be a good word to describe it.  Bizarre to see the father/priest of the school transformed into a game show host throwing prizes into the crowd.  Bizarre to see the normally very quiet Thai teachers dressed as the opposite sex, shimmying around the stage like an over-sexed pop band.  Life at school is as you would expect: you work, teach students, keep your head above the bureaucracy, and respect the hierarchy within the school.  Off the clock it’s an entirely different world…


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Sounds more or less like the stuff our first school subjected us to. “Hey! Let’s go Norebang!”

Seriously tho’, I’m glad you’re having fun out there. It’s weird…but then again, so is life. Enjoy it 🙂

Comment by Drew

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