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Birthday Cruise
January 31, 2010, 12:38 pm
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Not exactly a current event, but a memorable day nonetheless….and worth documenting:

Jennifer’s birthday, on December 16, sadly fell on a workday.  However since I didn’t have an official job yet I pulled some things together and we ended up having a good time that evening.  While Jennifer was at school dealing with disruptive Thai students and rapidly going insane, I ran around town trying to arrange a little surprise.  First stop the liquor store, where I wrangled up a bottle of red wine.  Next stop the supermarket, where imported dark chocolate was to be had.  After that, a quick flyby of the fruit market for some fresh strawberries just in season and a bouquet of flowers.  A phone call to my landlord, who is also the owner of our favorite restaurant in Kanchanaburi, and I reserved us a table and a cake.  Finally a stop at tour outfit by the river where I reserved a tandem kayak.

A platter of strawberries...mmmm

Surprisingly everything came together perfectly.  I picked Jennifer up at work on my motorbike and zipped back home at full speed for a quick stop to change out of work clothes.  Everything already packed, I threw our bags on the motorbike and tore through town for our 4:30 date with the kayak shop.  There we were driven up river about 10 kilometers with the kayak and dropped off to paddle our own way back.  The trip was beautiful, a mellow paddle downstream with a bottle of Austrailian wine, 2 camp cups, and a bag of strawberries and chocolate.  We watched the sun set over the river and had river boats and floating discos waving to us as they passed.  Soon it was dark and we floated on only by the light of the moon and houseboat lights.  Bats swooped over the water in front of our kayak and fish jumped in little splashes all around.  Soon we pulled into town and had a lovely meal of Italian pizza, lasagna, birthday cake, beer (or wine…can’t remember).  All things considered, it turned out a very lovely night.

Wine on the River Kwai


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