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Puppies on my porch
April 5, 2010, 2:53 pm
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…and muddy paw prints everywhere.  A little over a month ago our porch dog had a litter of puppies.  We’ve been watching them grow since they fell out of the womb.  Along the way I took some photos of the cuteness.  Although it has been cute-overload having them around, it’s a bit tiring cleaning up piddle and paw prints every day and puppy proofing our outdoor living room.  Most of my cords have been perforated with puppy teeth.

For a long time the mother, Mo Mam, was fat as a pig and ready to pop.  We knew she was going to give birth soon but we didn’t know where.  One day after work she didn’t greet us at the driveway as usual, so I started poking around to see where on the property she made her den.  After a bit I found her hiding spot, a little cave she made deep in a pile of elephant grass.  Still no puppies but apparently she knew to hide out.  The next morning we found the her and the puppies in a new den closer to our bungalow.   Out of curiosity I walked over to her old den and found a puppy had been left behind.  It got stuck under a pile of bamboo poles and we could hear it yelping.  After 30 minutes of hacking through the grass and bamboo I pulled out the forgotten little black puppy and brought it over to it’s mother, now with 6 in her litter.

I knew I would get attached to the little rodents, and sure enough I’ve ended up fussing and worrying over them the whole time.  One of them, the only boy, dissappeared at 4 weeks.  My best guess was someone took him since he was the only boy, and probably good for the mother to have fewer hungry nipple-biters.  About a week ago 3 more puppies were given away to various people, just two left on our porch now.  Still they manage to run amok and get into trouble, but at least we’re down to mopping once a week instead of once a day.


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