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July 19, 2010, 1:49 pm
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Bungalow and our modest little yard

My bungalow in Thailand.  Located on the outskirts of the (small) city of Kanchanaburi, our property is about 5 acres with some random houses and structures scattered throughout.  There are three bungalows in total, all built in the same concrete style and painted different Easter egg colors.  The other two are occupied by fellow teachers Robin, Kevin and his girlfriend Bo.  We have somewhere between 3 and 6 dogs that call the property home, several of which I documented earlier in my blog post about puppies.  The mother and the two remaining puppies that didn’t find homes elsewhere are adorable, constantly playing in the tall grass and rolling around carelessly.  We feed them scraps occasionally, although they seem to have the whole neighborhood figured out and are keen to do their errands every morning and evening.

Jennifer and I put a fair amount of elbow grease into our little yard.  Before me moved in it was a fair sized sand pit, yet now we have grass, beauganvillas, a couple palms, flowers,  banana trees, papaya trees, orchids, and a giant leafy rain forest plant of some sort.  Inside our bungalow is very basic,  a large studio room and a big bathroom.  The warm weather makes living inside pretty much unnecessary, except as an escape from the bugs when they come at certain hours of the night.  Our living room is our patio, which is probably 75% of the total square footage of the bungalow.  We have couches, hammocks, a pot full of fish, and an outdoor kitchen and dining room all  in the fresh air.  The only annoyance might be the recent onslaught of creepy crawlies due to the start of the monsoon season, or perhaps the hordes of mosquitos that descend on us at dusk.  We burn incense and spray a bit of citronella to keep the skeeters at bay, but when the big spiders and scorpions come out I just grab my camera and take photos.

The hammocks. Our bedroom on the hottest nights.

Life is good.  We’re happy to have this lifestyle with the open space and quiet.  We don’t have to take the motorbike far to find our amenities, a 7-11 is only 3 blocks away.  At night all you can hear is frogs, crickets, and other animal sounds of origins unknown.  There is the occasional party or festival, in fact Thais will find nearly any occasion to rent out enormous sound systems and multicolored florescent lighting to line the street with…and these parties go well into the night.  We tend to drink ourselves to sleep these nights.

Swirling clouds above our bungalow...the monsoon season has begun.


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Love the pictures and entries bro. You’ve got a great way with words. I don’t like the various creepy crawlies you encounter however. We’ve recently befriended a massive spider but yours would make ours their bitch. They ever crawl on you while your sleeping?

Comment by Big Bro (is watching)

In fact yes, but not the spider thank god. We had a cockroach find his way into our bungalow, and I shit you not, he was the size of a small bird. Cockroaches have a tendency when flying to go right for your face…After chasing him around with my broom trying to get him out, I eventually gave up and went to sleep. At about 3am I woke up to him scurrying across my face. Of course I flipped out, threw the sheets off the bed and dived out all in one incredibly agile movement. This time I didn’t give up, and with all the windows open eventually shooed him out. Through all this I still never considered squashing him!

Comment by mavanwey

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