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Me and my dog


I’m a 20-something human with a penchant for travel and photography, among other vices.  I’m impulsive, restless, and have great hand-eye coordination; all qualities I blame on excessive video gaming as a child.  I grew up in the lovely Palo Alto (tall stick), California, went to boarding school near Boston, and then college in Boulder, Colorado.  After becoming disillusioned with the trustafarians of Boulder, I moved to Seattle.  That lasted less than 2 years, as I found myself yearning for a different pace from the city.  So I moved to the small rural island of Vashon, only 40 minutes away by ferry from Seattle.  Here I worked on small organic farms and took long walks through the woods every day.  Of course my restlessness did not abate, so after only 6 months of this little slice of heaven, I moved on.

Thailand is my latest calling, and my inspiration to start this site.

The site:

My intention here is to create a site where I can showcase my most recent photography and travel experiences to a small group of friends and family.  As I’m always on the move, and constantly updating my current location/job/eating habits/run-in’s with the law/etc, this site will hopefully serve to keep everyone informed and entertained.


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